Personalised, user-central approach.


Ever felt like you were just a number? Well, I have and know how it feels. By choosing to work with an independent you get a unique experience. With respect for every part of the process and the required quality.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

Michael Jordan



  • Brand Identity
  • Costumer Experience
  • User Experience


  • Dynamic CMS
  • Static website
  • Webshop


  • Digital presence
  • Server setup
  • IT management

User focused

By taking advantage of all these different aspects, together we can bring an unparalleled, user-centric experience to be proud of. It's my passion to be able to help people achieve their dreams. I love working together towards a shared goal, to deliver an experience that is both practical and beautiful.

Me, myself and I

I hope by now you have gotten a decent idea of what I can do for you. But in case you are still wondering, let me give you some more background about me:

Prior to becoming a Python and web developer, I was a full-time functional analyst at Euroclear Bank, one of the world's leading financial institutions. A humbling experience which allowed me to develop my personal and professional skills, work and get to know many people from different cultures all over the world. An enriching experience that made me a better person.

During my time at Euroclear Bank, I developed another sense that would become useful in my new role: the need to innovate, work towards a common goal and continuously improve.

Does all of the above sound like music to your ears? Well then what are you waiting for? Let's build something together.